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How many times have you told them that this time things will be different? The more often this happens, the harder it is for the important people in your life to trust that this time really will be different. Here are some reasons that relationship recovery is a critical part of addiction recovery. Addiction affects the brain, leading to changes in mood, behavior, and even physical health. Cheryl Wozny is a freelance writer and published author of several books, including mental health resources for children titled, Why Is My Mommy So Sad?

Healthy Relationships

They want to re-establish family relationships as if nothing has happened and not dwell on the past wreckage or least tone it way down. Codependents are often empathic and caring people who wish to support their partners; however, codependents helping alcoholics and addicts may experience distress over their partners condition. In some instances, the codependent may begin to drink or abuse to enable their partner’s habit. Codependents may suffer underlying conditions like depression or anxiety, losing their identity in their partner’s life. Be gentle with yourself, and make sure that you’re ready to leave a toxic or unhealthy relationship when necessary to replace it with beneficial ones that help you thrive and grow. If you go to an addiction treatment program, a lot of what you’ll work on is having a healthy relationship with yourself.

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They enrich our lives and help us to navigate the darkness when we lose our way. To have a healthy relationship with yourself, you’ll focus on your recovery and make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Having healthy, supportive relationships also improves your quality of life, and there’s a sense of support available to you when you’re struggling.

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Healthy relationships involving honesty, for example, can encourage partners to support or inspire individuals to communicate about substance abuse. Partners can include boundaries to discourage post-recovery relapses if this applies to their partner. Positive partnerships can thrive as the individual in recovery can develop healthy social circles, thus creating healthy connections. Adding the stress of focusing on relationships could feel overwhelming, but it also provides an important opportunity to practice distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and coping skills. Relationships also benefit from healthy communication skills, validation, boundaries, and honesty—all of which are important for addiction recovery. There is a large body of research showing that addiction can have negative impacts on relationships, and I have never met someone in recovery who was unaware that addiction hurts loved ones.

relationships in recovery

Most people experience deep regret, guilt, and shame related to the harm their use of alcohol and other drugs has caused to the people they care about. Frequently, wanting to “fix” important relationships immediately is based on a desire to alleviate the emotional pain of having hurt loved ones. But pain—both emotional and physical—is an inevitable aspect of life. The process of recovery requires learning how to accept and go through the pain that life brings you.

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This can make it a bit more difficult for you, the non-sober significant other, to understand why your partner decided to cut out alcohol. Even though you may never fully understand what your partner’s life was like when they were drinking or using, it matters that you make the effort to understand to the best of your ability. If an individual already has pre-existing conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, unhealthy relationships can worsen the symptoms. Once the symptoms become worse, individuals may self-medicate and turn to substance abuse for support. Healthy relationships can help individuals struggling with addiction to avoid negative attachments to people who bring out the worst in them. Engaging in toxic relationships can create feelings of frustration, unnecessary stress, and conflict.

relationships in recovery

What may work for adults in recovery may be very different for youth or older adults in recovery. The Office of Recovery was established to evaluate and initiate policy, programs and services with a recovery focus and ensure the voices of individuals https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/should-you-have-relationships-in-recovery/ in recovery are represented. The Office will support the growth and expansion of recovery support services across the country. The Office also supported the Recovery Innovation Challenge. Recovery is all about healing and learning to love yourself.

Once you experience a glimmer, you may feel calmer, safer, and more relaxed. These special moments can help reduce your stress response and heal from verbal abuse. People always appreciate kindness, and as long as the person is kind, they will probably also be respectful, honest, caring and trustworthy. Relationships are wonderful ways to find happiness, connection, and closeness with another person. You will also see elements of the recovery model in social work theory, where values such as client self-determination and well-being are emphasized. This video series is a set of conversations between parents and providers discussing varying topics related to difficult situations parents find themselves in.

If your story is chosen, a member of our team will reach out to you. Your SUD recovery may benefit from the social support and closeness, too. But stable and loving relationships are possible with someone who’s in recovery.


He enjoys blogging and is a contributing writer for bestaddictionscounselingdegrees.com. Making the decision to walk away from a relationship can be difficult. In many situations, it can feel like all outcomes will be negative, no matter the choice. A concept closely tied into codependency in recovery is enabling. With enabling, the person also takes responsibility for the other person’s actions, which inadvertently rewards the person’s unwanted behaviors. In the case of an addicted man and his codependent or enabling partner, the partner may call his work to report him sick when he is too hungover to go in.

One has to feel a powerful emotional connection to the person while being able to identify the relationship as healthy logically for a relationship to be successful in the long-term. They likely saw first-hand the negative effects drinking was having on their partner’s life. Sometimes a person may decide to get sober, and then meets their partner and settles down.

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