Timely, gay, spreeish, unsteady, thoughtless,-a keen Americanism that has recently ascended regarding avenue to the fresh drawing-room

Phony, to cheating, otherwise con; to accomplish some thing; to go on, or continue; to make or construct; to deal, or rob,-an effective verb variously made use of. Faked , complete, or accomplished for; “ Bogus out, there’s absolutely no down,” continue, there is certainly no body looking. Mayhew says it is about Latin, FACIMENTUM .

Really love, the favourite recreations, dogs, or hobby regarding a person, new tan regarding reduced lifetime. Pugilists are often called The fancy .

The word keeps indeed today a definite definition, it hadn’t 30 years ago. Short ‘s the synonyme to have Prompt , however, an instant People would not convey the meaning of an effective Timely People ,-someone who by the later instances, gaiety, and you will continual series of pleasure, existence too fast and you may wears himself out. An amusing anecdote is told out of a simple younger woman, brand new child away from the right reverend prelate, who was simply a proficient when you look at the horseflesh. Are desirous out of ascertaining the newest advice of an applicant having ordination, who had the appearance of a beneficial bird of the same feather, as to what deserves of some cattle simply taken to their own father’s palace to have their particular available, she try assured from the your they certainly were thoroughly unfit getting an excellent lady’s play with. Having an understanding glance at the horses’ items, she offered their decision on these solutions words, “Well, We agree with you; he could be a beneficial rum parcel, since Demon said of one’s 10 commandments.”

For the respectful neighborhood an easy more youthful woman is the one who affects mannish patterns, otherwise produces herself conspicuous of the particular unfeminine achievement,-conversations slang, drives from the when you look at the London area, smoking cigarettes smokes, try knowing from inside the animals, horses, &c

Pounds, an excellent printer’s title signifying the new gap places towards a web page, where he’s paid down in one rates while the complete or unbroken pages. It works provided far Lbs towards printers.

Weight, rich, plentiful, &c.; “a body weight lot;” “to cut they Pounds ,” so you can overload, to show off inside the a comprehensive otherwise grand manner, to visualize unnecessary characteristics; “cut up Weight ,” discover around Slash . Because a beneficial Theatrical term, a part with a lot of Pounds with it, is one hence provides new actor an opportunity from productive display screen.

Shakespere uses the definition of in the same manner out of a favourite, otherwise dogs; additionally the paramour away from a beneficial prostitute continues to be titled their particular Like-Guy

FAWNEY Moving, offering groups for a play for. This practice are dependent through to the outdated facts off a guy putting a wager that in case he was giving “actual silver sovereigns” from the a cent an element from the base of London Bridge, this new English public could well be too incredulous to get. The storyline claims the gentleman stationed themselves which have sovereigns from inside the a teas dish, and you will offered simply one or two from inside the hours,-successful the fresh choice. Which story brand new FAWNEY BOUNCERS tell individuals, merely offering metal, twice gilt rings, in place of sovereigns.

FAWNEY, otherwise FAWNEY RIG , band losing. A few years ago, that it practice, or RIG , try very common. An other on purpose dropped a band, otherwise a pocket guide which includes absolutely nothing blogs regarding jewelry, &c., inside it, while the guy saw people pick it up, went so you’re able to allege half of. Brand new ring discover, the question off how the booty were to feel divided had upcoming Costa Rica teen dating site becoming decided. The fresh Fawney says, “for a moment provide me personally eight otherwise nine shillings having my personal show stuff is actually your own.” Which this new Flat believes really reasonable. The newest ring needless to say are valueless, additionally the swallower of your own lure learns the trick too late.

Wall, otherwise FENCER , a buyer or individual from stolen goods; Wall , the shop or warehouse of good FENCER .-Old cannot.

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